8 de jan de 2013

Eppur Si Muove - Haggard

Eppur Si Muove (8)

Aside the one in sorrows
To release my darkened mind
And never meant to bought my way to thee
A light that blinds the blind
God end this suffering
My blood and tears that flow for you
My King

My Son, beware...
... of all that your eyes cannot see
Trust your mind
And strengthen your abilities

Did you ever touch the starlight?
Dreamed for a thousand years?
Have you ever seen the beauty
Of a newborn century?

And now's the time to enter
A new way, things to see
Man is just a weak reflection
In evolution's history

And in the hour of darkness
It will guide your way:

La bellezza del paese di Galilei
E nella mia ora più buia
loro splenderanno
per me

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