12 de jan de 2011

Anemonia - Enchanting Melodies

Anemonia - Enchanting Melodies

Beyond desertic fields of ice
Monstrous winds claim for their homeland
Defied, everything that stands still
Is hit by the cold in their hearts
Sung is this desolating
Victory, by the dead trees and the
Troubling choirs of tortured wind
Enchanting melodies of the Dark
Beyond the magnanimity
Of white snow’s claimed purple gardens
One grand crystal palace was built
Symbol of the ruling of death
Hidden in a crystalline room
Stands the only living flower
Trapped in a magic box of the

5 de jan de 2011

Dies Irae

Dies irae
Dies irae
Dies irae

Quando judex
Quando judex
Est venturus
Quantus tremor
Est futurus

Dies irae, Dies irae
Libera me domine
Dies irae, Dies irae
Solvet saeculum in favilla
Dies irae, Dies irae

Mors stupebit et natura
Cum resurget creatura

Tuba mirum spargens sonum

Dies irae, solvet saeculum
Dies irae, ave domine
Deo cunta stricte disccussurus

Autumn Tears, Dies Irae